How do we prepare for the Super March Sale?

Jewelives has been deeply engaged in Silicone Household Products for many years, including Silicone Water Bottle, Silicone Lunch Box, Silicone Feeding Set, Silicone Teether, Ice Cube Tray, etc. In order to better serve customers during the New Trade Festival, we participated in the Super March Sale pre-heating event held by Alibaba.

The event is a large-scale online trade event created by, aiming to promote international trade and improve transaction efficiency through a series of preferential promotions.

On March 14th, all sales department employees of Jewelives participated in the pre-warm-up activity, which greatly inspired all employees and prepared them well for the upcoming Super March Sale

Guest Sharing – How to Lead the Team to Win the Battle

The first item of the kick-off meeting was guest sharing. Manager Zhang, a female entrepreneur, gave a speech titled “How to Lead a Team to Victory”. The speech included how to break down performance goals, take stock of existing customers, and develop specific implementation strategies. These sharing helped us specify well-founded sales goals and concrete strategies that can be implemented.

Sales Performance PK

Inspired by the atmosphere of the event, all the members of the Jewelives team were eager to have a wonderful battle during the New Trade Festival. Therefore, the second event – sales performance PK competition followed. Dozens of businesses were divided into four groups, with eight businesses in each group. During the New Trade Festival, the groups competed against each other in terms of target completion rate and number of new customer transactions. All businesses in the losing group were required to accept a punishment: to hike 30 kilometers on Dapeng Peninsula. This will be a great challenge for most of them.

Expansion Activity

The third activity is a staff expansion activity. Multiple game programs have been prepared on-site, and team members need to collaborate to complete them. It includes overlapping, crossing maps, throwing frisbees, and timing. Each game project requires team members to have consistent goals and cooperate with each other in order to complete it well and quickly.

The last part is the goal vow of all staff. Each company and each person should set their own performance goals during the New Trade Festival. Then everyone takes turns to stand on the stage and loudly vow their performance goals. Through such a ceremony, everyone’s sense of goal is strengthened, and the atmosphere of PK between groups is also enhanced. Everyone wants to contribute their own strength to the team’s victory and strive to achieve their own performance goals.

Through the afternoon activities, each team and internal members of the company gathered together, set individual and team sales goals while listening to sharing and participating in game activities. Jewelives has made full preparations for the upcoming Super March Sale!

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