infant cutlery suction spoons and bowls silicone weaning feeding sets


Bowl Material Silicone
Color Pink, blue, Army Green, etc.
Style Modern
Special Feature Flexible
Weight 875g
Packing Ordinary box or frosted gift box packaging
Certification FDA, CE, LFGB

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About Silicone Feeding Set

SOFT & DURABLE: Silicone material is soft and gentle, won’t hurt baby’s delicate mouth and gums. At the same time, silicone has good elasticity and heat resistance, can withstand multiple high temperature disinfection without deformation, rupture, prolong the service life of the product.

Anti-slip and drop: Silicone baby feeding sets usually has a non-slip design at the bottom, it is not easy to slide on the table, while the silicone material has strong anti-drop performance, even if accidentally dropped on the ground is not easy to break.

STRONG SUCTION CUP AND BOWL: The bowl has 1 large suction point and the plate has 4 suction points which provide extra grip and make it almost impossible for the food inside to spill.

Easy to clean and store: The smooth surface of silicone feeding set is not easy to hide dirt, making it simple and quick to clean. Meanwhile, silicone cutlery sets are usually compact in design, easy to store and carry.

Various colours available: Silicone baby feeding sets are available in 28 colours, which can attract baby’s interest and help develop their independent eating habit.

Multi-purpose & Flexibility: Our baby feeding sets covers all the essentials for nourishing your toddler. 1 separate sippy cup, 1 bib, 1 bowl with sippy cup, 1 cup with 2 handles (including straw lid and spill-proof snack lid), 1 set of silicone spoon and fork, 1 set of stainless steel small spoon and fork.

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