What are the features of Silicone Bento Box?

Silicone Bento Box generally refers to lunch boxes and bento boxes that are made of food-grade, environmentally friendly silicone, which is safe, non-toxic, cold and temperature resistant. One part of the box is foldable, which saves a lot of space when folded.

Besides, what are the other features of Silicone Bento Box? Let us introduce you to this Silicone Collapsible Lunch Box as an example.

1.Product Material

The main body of its lunch box is food-grade silicone, which can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to 220°C, making it suitable for heating in the oven and freezing food in the refrigerator.


The three compartments have a capacity of 640ml, 280ml, 280ml and the compartments separate different foods to keep them fresh and prevent mixing whilst the silicone material ensures durability and easy cleaning. This silicone bento box is perfect for serving lunches to children at school or daycare and is loved by parents!

3.Product Customization

The customization of the product is mainly reflected in the customization of product colors and logos. For example, the three tie-dye colors of this silicone bento box are the most popular colors on the market, and they are also a major feature that distinguishes it from other bento boxes.

Jewelives specializes in manufacturing silicone bento boxes, silicone water bottles, and silicone feeding sets for both adults and children. We use food grade, high crystal clear silicone raw materials for our custom manufacturing, and our clean and tidy bsci, walmart audited factory is standardized to produce high quality silicone products.

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